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Born in northern Minnesota, Michaela grew up building snow forts and drawing with her brother - he specialized in dinosaurs, she covered everything else.


After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Fine Arts
degree, she wandered before settling down back in Minneapolis with husband, son, and dog..




My art is my inner monologue.  Reflective pieces of exaggerated daydreams happening around me.
Occasionally fictitious and often embellished, I explore simple moments, fuzzy recollection, and those things that leave a clouded impression behind.

Whether biographical or autobiographical, I believe the creation of art is an intensely personal, subjective experience, influenced strongly by one’s personal journey. It seems a natural progression that the art itself reflects the artist in both intense and mundane moments, balancing the planned and unplanned, and ultimately resulting in the feeling that the viewer is experiencing a still shot of a different life. If the viewer feels as though they can read the story of the painting, the work can be appreciated within the context of the viewer's own personal story, instead of the viewer trying to understand the meaning of the artwork through my eyes. That personal relationship between the viewer and the work is the experience I strive to create.


2000  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting        
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Liminal Reverence #2.jpg
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